Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Faking the Bake

Well hello there you lovely people! Today I thought I'd do a post on fake tan, with it being summer and all I told myself it was appropriate. 

So I popped into Boots a couple of weeks ago and splurged on a few different products promising me that all natural summer glow.  I'm sure they had some kind of offer on but it has now ended.  In my mini haul I picked up the following:-

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Sun-kissed Look, L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Dry Mist, St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse and Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Mousse

Now as you can probably tell from the selection, I'm not one for spending a lot on fake tan.  It is something that I would go through quite a lot and I am not keen on the idea of spending £20 a pop for a couple of weeks.

Just so everyone's aware, I always moisturise and exfoliate before I apply fake tan and I use a mitt with gloves underneath. 

We'll start with Boots' own Soltan fake tan.  Now I bought this after reading plenty of reviews claiming it was a hidden gem for not much pocket money, however I was slightly disappointed. Now I am a very pale person, jellyfish skin to the maximum so anything gives me colour. I purchased the Light/Medium shade yet the colour this produced was a little too orangey and not consistent all over, it also doesn't smell too pleasant.  The mousse was easy to apply and you could see where it was being applied which meant streaking wasn't an issue however  I shan't be repurchasing as it doesn't give me the desired colour and I felt I had to use a lot of it.

Second, the L'Oréal.  I bought this in the shade specifically for fair skin (basically anything that says fair skin I am all over it like a fat kid on cake).   This a spray tan claiming it's 'streak-free', however you can't actually see where it's being applied as it is clear, so unless someone is doing it for you you're highly likely to miss patches or go over the same area.  The colour was nice and subtle (very natural looking as the bottle claims) unfortunately I was unable to master the spray and definitely tanned some areas whilst remained like Casper's sister in others.  It also claims a 'fresh citrus fragrance' and whilst there is a hint of this there is the dreaded fake tan smell as usual.  I won't repurchase mainly because it's hard to tell where it's being sprayed and I prefer a good mousse. 

Next I'll review the famous St. Moriz.  As a 2012 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award Winner and a Pure Beauty Award Winner I was expecting great things.  I was a little put off at the price.  This stuff is dirt cheap yet it does not give that impression when it's on!  It's incredibly easy to apply with a mitt and you can see exactly where it's going as it has an instant bronzer so you can apply and head out within the hour if it dries.  I picked up the medium shade and this gave me the instant holiday tan (ideal for a night out!).  The downside is that it wears off quickly if you're a hygienic person and use the shower regularly.  This is definitely my go to if I want a nice deep colour.  Again, the infamous fake tan smell is ever present.  If you shower in the morning after applying though you're good to go.  At such a low price it's a must-have!

Finally, we'll talk about the Garnier Summer Body lotion.  I'm usually a fan of mousses but the idea of using a tinted moisturiser appealed to me because it means no moisturising beforehand and a natural build up of a tan.  Unfortunately when I originally bought this product I bought the 'deep sun-kissed look' version which was definitely too dark for my skin.  It left a nice colour with little streaking but definitely too dark for a pale girl.  However, the 'light sun-kissed look' version is perfect for me.  Instead of an overnight tan it gradually produces a gorgeous glow over time and doesn't wash off easily.  The fake tan smell isn't a major issue either as it's made with apricot extract all whilst hydrating your skin for 12 hours a day!  This is now my regular tanning product for the summer.

All in all fake tans are very individual specific, what may look good on me might not even tan you.  I hope my recommendations have helped and I hope you all have a great bronzed up summer!

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