Monday, 9 September 2013

Soap & Glory Glowing and Bronzing

Recently it seems that a lot of people have been gaining interest in Soap & Glory makeup. Their bodycare range is amazing but I thought I'd talk about a couple of their more popular makeup products as I think these a seriously underrated.  Today it shall be the Soap & Glory Solar Powder bronzing powder and Glow All Out highlighter.

I picked these up from Boots for £11 each I believe which isn't cheap for a high street brand but the quality of the products make it worth it and deserve a mention! Although, the packaging doesn't exactly scream 'I'm worth £11!' as it has a very cardboard-y feel and is massively prone to getting dirty (I gave them a quick wipe for the pictures).  They do both come with a mirror but this quickly becomes masked in powder, but I don't know many people that actually use the mirror attached to powder products so this shouldn't be a major issue for most.

We'll start off with the Solar Powder bronzing power.  As you can probably see I used it quite regularly but I tend to use the lighter shade as I have pale skin. I tend to use the darker side for contouring but it's rare that I do.  I find that this really just gives the natural sun-kissed look, which is hard for me being one of the pale kids. I tend to lightly tan my body with a gradual tanner so my this compliments that very well.  It does also have a slight shimmer so it may not be ideal for those wanting a flawlessly natural look, but I find it just gives you that extra little bit for a healthy looking complexion. I would advise all to be wary when applying as it can come on quite strong (for me at least).  But it gives a gorgeous colour nonetheless!

Next the Glow All Out highlighting powder. There was once upon a time when I didn't feel it necessary to even consider wearing a highlighter but this is one of my must-haves now. It just adds such a beautiful natural glow without making it look oily or greasy. There is a slight shimmer but that's standard with any highlighter really and it just contributes to that healthy glowing look. A little also goes a long way with this product, just one or two strokes maximum with a blush brush provides that little lift your face needs. 

That's that for this post, keep checking in for more beauty favourites and great buys in the high street!

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