Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dark Circle Eraser

I suffer from horrendous dark circles that have unfortunately been inherited as well as me never getting enough sleep. I am constantly on the hunt for new concealers. My current favourite is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer but I decided to give this one a try in the shade 'Light'.
The first distance aspect of this concealer is the applicator. It's a little soft fuzzy ball of wonder that intrigued me. I actually found this to be quite good at applying the product but I am nut for hygiene and cleaning it after every use isn't my idea of fun. If you're not so bothered about that then it would be great! It feels soft on the skin, works nicely around the eye area and it's not as much work to blend in for those in a rush.

The actual product has a very light consistency but the coverage is surprisingly decent at covering those dreaded dark circles whilst slightly brightening simultaneously. Instead of just concealing, it also works to help the skin underneath as it's made with goji berries and haloxyl, which is a combination of active ingredients able to absorb and eliminate coloured blood pigments in the skin that are actually responsible for dark circles.

Not gonna lie, the staying power isn't fantastic. I had to reapply twice during the day but I usually do that anyway regardless. It did look pretty good when I first applied but I felt it had to be built up for the full effect.

Going for £7.99 it's smack bang in the middle of the High Street/drug store range for concealers so we can't complain about the price. I would recommend this for those seeking out an inexpensive concealer that doesn't take too long to apply and feels very light on the skin!

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