Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Maybelline Superstay 24hr DualEnded Lip Color

L-R:  340 Absolute Plum,  310 Forever Heather

Anything that promises a long staying lip colour I am easily swoon by. This is quite a different product is it's not really a lip gloss or a lip stain, it's an extremely pigmented colour that will not budge, trust me. It also comes with an ultra-conditioning balm as the liquid colour is very drying on your lips.

I picked these up in the shades 310 Forever Heat and 340 Absolute Plum for great autumn/fall colours. I had high hopes since I often reapply my lip products multiple times daily so this would come in handy! As the name suggests, it is dual-ended. One side is the lip colour and the other is the ultra-conditioning lip balm which is used to 'seal in' the liquid colour.

The applicator for the colour is not dissimilar to a lip gloss applicator so it is very easy to use. The colour glides on easily though it is very pigmented and the liquid consistency means that it is difficult to touch up areas that have been missed without making a mess! The colours are very strong although it dries the lips out very quickly as it 'stains' your lips.

Two minutes after the colour has been applied, you are to ensure it is fully dry and apply the ultra-conditioning lip balm. This seals in the colour as well as countering the effects of the dried lips. This, in itself, is a great lip calm. It is very moisturising with a slight fragrance. It is effective in keeping the lips hydrated against the drying lip colour.

Overall, I was disappointed with this product. The colours themselves are gorgeous but the lip colour was too drying on my lips and I could feel I was wearing it all day. The balm has to be applied throughout the day as well which sort of defeated the purpose for me really as I was hoping for the one application to last all day. The actual colour did not last all day either, it did last significantly longer than most but it isn't worth it to me as it it's so drying. Removal of this product also proved challenging. When the colour gets into the cracks of your lips, be prepared for it to stay there! These may be suitable for some people but for me these aren't worth the hassle.

These retail for £8.99, a fair price if they are your cup of tea. Thanks for reading guys!

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