Thursday, 6 February 2014

No Clogs Allowed

Happy Friday Junior to you all (or just plain ol' Thursday)! Before we start the weekend I want you all to be looking your freshest and best! I have combination skin as I tend to get quite an oily t-zone but other areas are normal or sometimes dry. I am constantly on the hunt for products that will balance out my skin and help avoid blemishes or blackheads. I use a facial scrub every few days to try and help but lately I have been seeking a deep treatment for my skin and, lo and behold, I have found it!

The Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed treatment is a self-heating deep pore detox mask. This treatment claims to provide deep cleaning for your pores and softens skin cells in order to prevent any blemishes or breakouts. Especially made for oily/combination skin this is to be used once a week as a deep treatment to keep your skin soft and your pores unclogged!

Squeeze some of the product onto your fingertips (they recommend a grape-sized amount) and massage gently onto your face. Then, run your hands under warm water and scrub at your face until it turns blue, literally! The actual product turns blue people just in case you think I'm going overboard. You should then feel the heating process kick in, which feels very bizarre at first yet oddly relaxing. After about five minutes it should be cleaned off ideally with a wet and warm washcloth. 

The next morning, makeup should simply glide over your face, pores will be minimised greatly and have never felt softer. Although, I would recommend moisturising after removing the product as it can sometimes feel quite drying on the skin.

What are your favourite pore minimising products? Are there any other products I should be trying for my therapeutic Thursday nights?

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