Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

It would be rude not to include the gentlemen, now wouldn't it? Men can be very tricky to buy Valentine's Day presents for, mainly because there's not really a romantic equivalent for men. Traditionally, Valentine's is usually about the man impressing the girls, however I've come up with a few suggestions that may satisfy his royal highness. They deserve a treat once in a while!

A nice gift to get the special man in your life could be this Armani Wallet and Keyring. Made out of 100% ecoleather it has that luxe feel but it is made of natural leather fibres and is a stronger alternative to normal leather. The keyring also adds a little something to make it more gift appropriate. At the moment I've got my eye on this Polo Ralph Lauren Wallet for my boyfriend, I like it as the chocolate colour is slightly different to the usual black. On the plus side it's also on sale at House of Fraser at the moment!
If you've bagged yourself a real classy gentlemen, then he may be after some new cufflinks for all those swanky dates he takes you on. I am strangely drawn to these Hugo Boss Cufflinks as the design is very simple and classic but they would look great on a new Hugo Boss suit. 

For Christmas I got my boyfriend the Ralph Lauren Polo Black Eau de Toilette and it has become his favourite fragrance. I would highly recommend it as it is a sophisticated and modern scent, yet suitable for a younger man. It is more evening appropriate in my opinion. An alternative would be the Emporio Armani He Eau de Toilette. I will admit the packaging isn't great for this, but the fragrance it gorgeous and very bold - perfect for Valentine's.

I also love the Skagen watches, the design of them is just so sleek and modern. One of my personal favourites from the brand has got to be the Silver Mesh Strap Watch. I love the dark/grey silver and the orange combination. It just stands out from other watches to me without being overly showy. It is sophisticated and elegant - a great watch in my opinion that would make a perfect Valentine's gift.

If you're looking to make some memories instead of just buying a gift, you could look into a driving experience if your man is interested in fast cars (which let's face it, most of them are). Virgin Experience Days offer this Triple Supercar Blast. It is a great day out and he will definitely be thanking you for it! 

I hope I've given you some helpful hints for gift ideas this Valentine's Day! Please follow to catch my Valentine's makeup and nail ideas!

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