Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentine's Day - Saving the Pennies

That magical time of year is approaching kids and I'm not talking about Christmas. The ever romantic holiday of Valentine's Day. Some of you may be thinking about how much you despise Valentine's Day right now and the commercialisation of a once beautiful romantic holiday, which I can totally understand. However, as a girl don't you basically have the right to a sneaky little something? I thought so. I thought I'd give you all some gift ideas that you can hint to your other halves about or ideas for romantic gestures that could replace a gift if you're working on a budget. Keep reading for some interesting wallet/purse-friendly ideas and stay tuned for more gift ideas and Valentine's related posts.

Saving the Pennies

Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean that we have to go all out and break the bank. Perhaps if you're young or simply don't want to splash out that is completely fine! 

You've probably read this everywhere but a romantic night in can be a lot more fun than it seems to some people. Done right, it could be a great night. Cooking your beloved's favourite meal will always go down well. Even if you somehow messed it up, they would still very much appreciate the gesture in itself. On the other hand, if you're not big on cooking you could always grab a nice deal from a supermarket, quite a few tend to include a bottle of wine. 

You could also make up a small gift bag. A cute little bag full of small gifts that you know they like and appreciate. You could put things in there such as their favourite sweets, a photo of the two of you in a frame, some small toiletries, a little love token, a handmade card, the list is endless. Literally anything than go into something like this, and that's the beauty of it. 

It may be a cold winter at the moment for most of you but for those of you who are lucky enough to be blessed with sunshine at the moment this idea would be perfect for you. A small intimate picnic is something that I've always wanted to do for Valentine's Day. It can be made up of things you've already got in the cupboards and it can be anywhere you want it to be. Perhaps you could even turn it into a camping trip. 

Flowers may also be ruled out by most because prices shoot up around Valentine's, but they don't have to be so pricey. If you pick up a few small bunches for a florist and arrange them yourself, you're looking at definitely saving some money. It doesn't matter if they haven't had hours spent arranging them just so, the fact that flowers have been received is thoughtful enough. You could also pick up a cheap vase if you want to make it seem a little more luxurious and tie a ribbon around to look professional! 

I hope these have given you some sort of inspiration or ideas to treat your Valentine this year! 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year? Do you have any romantic gestures already in mind? 

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