Monday, 23 June 2014

Shoes, OMG shoes!

Does anybody remember that YouTube video? Good times. Well ladies, I don't know about you but I always have this struggle - finding something to put on my feet when it's a little hot up in hurr'. No? OK. Hopefully I can successfully give you some inspiration for the up and coming hot weather concerning your footwear instead of the same old flipflops and wedges I usually go for. I'll admit I'm not very daring or bold when it comes to my footwear, if I could wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit I probably would. This year I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone a bit and follow a couple of trends this year and fit in with the cool kids (as if). 

Topshop GINA Wide Heel Shoes
I absolutely love wearing ankle boots, they are my favourite type of footwear. They can be dressed up or down and there are so many variations. I think this also applies to these gorgeous nude shoes as well. I suppose they are more of a heeled sandal but I still think the ankle boot element is present, they are just very cut out. The heel is very wide but that means stability for me and I think they look very chic and simple.

Dorothy Perkins White Sandals

I know I know, these aren't exactly screaming fashionista but they are just so wearable. The white means they will go with pretty much anything, especially cute summer dresses. I feel like these would be ideal for those really hot days and popping them on with whatever you're wearing would work totally fine. Sort of like flip flops but a bit fancier.

Dune Buckled Sandals

I really fell in love with the colour of these sandals. The heel height is perfect for daytime wear and I think the buckled strap is gorgeous. The wide heel means they will be comfortable and easy to walk in without taking away any fashion points and remaining very stylish.

River Island Metallic Gem Stone Sandals

It's a summer shoes post guys, how could I not include a pair of t-bars? I love the gem stone details, the pastel colours are lovely. I think these would go great with white jeans and a bright cami perfectly for a relaxed casual look. They jazz up a plain outfit without being too loud.

Fred Perry Aubrey Paisley Trainers

I'm not a big trainer wearing kinda gal, but since they are everywhere at the moment I've decided to take the plunge. The pattern makes these stand out a little from other trainers and it's really pretty. The large vamp of the shoe means that it gives a 'dainty feet' effect making your feet appear smaller. Plus, the exposed area helps to keep sweaty feet at bay (ugh).

Dune Pointed Court Heels

Now for a pair of heels. A traditional style with a bit of a summer twist. I love court shoes, especially for work. Instead of opting for the usual black or nude, this fuchsia shade is a great alternative. Added to a plain outfit these provide a pop of colour that is flattering to a lot of skintones.

Hopefully I'll take the plunge and purchase a few pairs of these over the next few weeks, good hunting!


  1. i love them all! x

  2. like white sandals)

  3. I've been searching for a pair like the Dune ones (but in black) all summer and have yet to fall in love with any. These are adorable though!



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